Squid Advisories

SQUID-2013:1, Mar 14, 2013
Fixed from 3.3.3, 3.2.9
Denial of service in Language Negotiation
SQUID-2012:1, Dec 17, 2012
Fixed from, 3.2.6, 3.1.23
Denial of service in cachemgr.cgi
SQUID-2011:3, Aug 28, 2011
Fixed from
Buffer overflow in Gopher reply parser
SQUID-2011:2, Aug 27, 2011
Fixed from, with transitional fix from 3.1.15
Password truncation in NCSA using DES
SQUID-2011:1, Aug 27, 2011
Fixed from
Bypass of browser same-origin access control in intercepted communication
SQUID-2010:3, Sep 03, 2010
Fixed from 3.1.8,
Denial of Service in request processing
SQUID-2010:2, Feb 11, 2010
Fixed from 3.0.STABLE24
Remote Denial of Service issue in HTCP
SQUID-2010:1, Feb 01, 2010
Fixed from 3.0.STABLE23,
Denial of Service issue in DNS handling
SQUID-2009:2, Jul 27, 2009
Fixed from 3.0.STABLE17,
Multiple Denial of service in header processing
SQUID-2009:1, Feb 02, 2009
Fixed from 2.7.STABLE6, 3.0.STABLE13,
Denial of service in request processing
SQUID-2008:1, Jun 22, 2008
Fixed from 2.5.STABLE7, 3.0.STABLE7
Remote Denial of Service in SNMP parser
SQUID-2007:2, Dec 4, 2007
Fixed from 2.6.STABLE18, 3.0.STABLE1
Denial of service in cache updates
SQUID-2007:1, Mar 20, 2007
Fixed from 2.6.STABLE12
Denial of service in TRACE method processing
SQUID-2005:5, Apr 23, 2005
Fixed from 2.5.STABLE8
HTTP Response Splitting cache poisoning vulnerability
SQUID-2005:4, Apr 23, 2005
Fixed from 2.5.STABLE8
HTTP Request Smuggling cache poisoning vulnerability
SQUID-2005:3, Jan 28, 2005
Fixed from 2.5.STABLE8
Buffer overflow in WCCP recvfrom() call.
SQUID-2005:2, Jan 15, 2005
Fixed from 2.5.STABLE8
Denial of service by forged WCCP messages.
SQUID-2005:1, Jan 15, 2005
Fixed from 2.5.STABLE8
Buffer overflow in Gopher reply parser.
SQUID-2004:3, Oct 25, 2004
Fixed from 2.5.STABLE7
SEGV bug caused by malformed SNMP messages.
SQUID-2004:2, June 7, 2004
Fixed from 2.5.STABLE6
Buffer overflow bug in 'ntlm_auth' authentication helper.
SQUID-2004:1, February 29, 2004
Fixed from 2.5.STABLE5
Fixes and features for URL encoding tricks.
SQUID-2002:3, July 3, 2002
Fixed from 2.4.STABLE7
Security advisory several issues in Squid-2.4.STABLE6 and earlier.
SQUID-2002:2, March 26, 2002
Fixed from 2.4.STABLE5
Security advisory regarding the internal DNS code in Squid-2.3, Squid-2.4, Squid-2.5 and Squid-HEAD versions.
SQUID-2002:1, February 21, 2002
Fixed from 2.4.STABLE4
Security advisory regarding three issues in most Squid-2.x versions up to and including Squid-2.4.STABLE3.







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