How can I help the Squid Project?

The Squid project is run mostly by volunteers who donate their time and resources to a variety of activities. You've a few options if you'd like to help out.

Participate in Development

The most obvious way! Subscribe to the squid-dev mailing list. We'll gladly help interested parties in coding up their little corner of the Squid web-cache and get it integrated into the mainline branch.

There's a whole lot of bugs in the Squid Bugzilla which could benefit from some love and attention.

Participate in the Community

The Squid Wiki is a repository of frequently asked questions, configuration examples and other documentation which could always do with a little more attention. Create an account and contact the Wiki sitemaster to give you write access.

This website has a case-studies corner containing articles on how Squid is used in real Internet networks. The aim is to hopefully foster more of an understanding of web content delivery technologies in active use. This isn't specifically to push the Squid project - content delivery companies, internet backbones, internet access providers and users alike all benefit from content caching and delivery technology.

Be a tester

Testing code is just as important as writing it. A lot of our problem reports stem from users who only upgrade to "release" versions (which, if you think about it, is perfectly understandable.) What would be beneficial is more users willing to run test code and provide feedback on its performance and bugginess. We could then catch more of the problems before code is officially released as stable.

Just remember - "stable" code is what we think is stable, and if no-one tells us otherwise...

Donate equipment and hardware

The developers now maintain a continuous integration system for detecting and fixing trivial build bugs. This still relies on donations of machines to do the actual testing. A list of the operating systems we currently have and some we would like donations for can be found in the wiki at

Donate money to the Squid project

Donating money can take two forms - you can pay a developer to see your feature developed and integrated into the mainline Squid release or you can donate via Paypal to show your general appreciation.

Donating to get stuff done

If you have a particular feature or area of Squid that you'd like fixed up then please consider contacting the Squid project and explaining what you're after. We're a friendly bunch who can pick the right developer for you and work on whatever you'd like. You can find out more information by emailing

Donate using Paypal

Sorry paypal donations are temporarily on hold. Please contact about cash donations for the time being.







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