Squid Related Log Analysis Software

This page lists third-party software which is related to or can be integrated with Squid proxy.

For software tools which are packaged by the Squid Project see the helper manuals.

access-times.awk   By Andrew Richards shows access times for various categories of requests.
bt-LogAnalyzer   This utility, by Burstek, parses logfiles from Squid and other caching products. It can generate combined reports for all logs and also includes email usage. The software runs on Windows 2000/XP.
cache-stats   By Iain Lea produces daily usage statistics for Netscape and Squid caches.
Calamaris   By Cord Beermann is a tool to analyse Squid's access.log. It generates ascii or html-reports. For a full list of features, please visit the Calamaris home page.
Cyfin Reporter   Cyfin Reporter is a scalable logfile analyzer that supports 95 different logfile formats, including Squid logfiles. From these logfiles, Cyfin produces Web-use reports that are detailed, accurate and easy to read. Customizable features fit any organization's Web-use policy. Supports Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT, Red Hat Linux, Solaris SPARC and Active Directory. Free 30-Day Trial.
Free-SA   Free-SA is tool for statistical analysis of daemons' log files, similar to SARG. Its main advantages over SARG are much better speed (7x-20x), more support for reports, and W3C compliance of generated HTML/CSS reports. It can be used to help control traffic usage, to control Internet access security policies, to investigate security incidents, to evaluate server efficiency, and to detect troubles with configuration.
generic filters   from LBL also translate IP addresses to hostnames.
Internet Access Monitor for Squid   Internet Access Monitor is a software for monitoring the efficiency of your company's Internet bandwidth usage. Using this product you can easily find out who, when, where to, where from and what accessed the Internet.
ip2fqdn.pl   by Martin Gleeson translates IP addresses to hostnames.
LightSquid   LightSquid - lite log analizer for squid proxy small size (~45k) and fast parser ;-) small disk usage generate many report type
Logfile Analyzer for Squid (LFA)   very simple logfileanalyzer written in PHP, it is curently unter develop and will get more features in future. this software is available in german language, but you can change it if you like it ;-)
logrep   Logrep is a framework for extraction and presentation of information from various logfiles. It now supports snort, squid, postfix, apache, IIS and viruswall. HTML-reports, 2D analysis, overview page, ssh communication and bar charts are available.
ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer   ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is a web-based log analysis tool that collects, correlates, and reports on logs from enterprise-wide firewalls, proxy servers, and Radius servers. Features include threshold-based alerting, log archiving, historical trending, and more.
ModLogAn   The modular logfile analyzer tool is able to analyze logfiles from 15 different servers (http, ftp, mail, streaming, etc.), including Squid. Its template engine generates XHTML based on usersupplied themes which makes it possible to provide look & feel of your own wishes.
MySAR   MySQL Squid Access Report is a dynamic database-based squid log analysis software, designed to be both flexible and easy to use.
NLANR   Here are the old and difficult scripts that we use on our own caches.
OSSEC   OSSEC is an open source project for security log analysis that supports squid, web, auth and mail logs. Some of the things you can detect by analyzing your squid logs are presented in the following document: http://www.ossec.net/en/loganalysis.html
proxy_stats.gawk   By Richard Huveneers produces a different kind of report for an access.log.
pwebstats   By Martin Gleeson includes support for Squid's native log format. In particular squid2common.pl will convert it to the common httpd log format.
Sarg   By Pedro Lineu Orso Squid Analysis Report Generator is a tool that allows you to view "where" your users are going to on the Internet.
Squeezer   by Maciej Kozinski, gathers information abount Squid's internal performance and eficiency of relationship, finds bottlenecks, shows data transfer speed from particular sources.
Squeezer2   by Andrew Fresh is derived from Squeezer, but with more features, including running from a chroot environment.
Squid Efficiency Analyzer   Squid Efficiency Analyzer interprets a Squid log (native) to determine how much traffic can be retrieved from the cache and how much comes from the webservers in the internet. Tested with log files from Squid 2.5 STABLE 5 for Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003.
Squid Top Site Report Generator   STSRG (Squid Top-Site Report Generator) is a Perl script to analyze the previous days squid access.log log file and produce a report of the most frequently visited URLs. It~Rs reasonably quick processing about 100,000 lines of log file in 12 seconds.
Squidalyser   Squidalyser is a squid traffic analyser, designed to allow per-user scrutiny and analysis of squid logfiles. The program runs from a Unix system via a web browser.
squidARG   squidARG is a program that generates reports from the Squid access.log.
squidltc   squidltc is the Squid Access Log Time Convertor.
Squidtaild   By Maurice Smiley is a Perl daemon designed to tail the squid log file and report user activity in real time based on user definable filter matches. Output generated by squidtaild is sent to an html page showing you how many filter matches, what they were and what ip address matched the filter. [Squidtaild used to be at http://trailer.linuxatwork.at/, but that site is now gone.]
Squidview   Squidview is an interactive program Which monitors Squid's access.log and displays it in a nice fashion. It has searching and reporting functions. Squidview is a console program which also runs in an xterm. It has been tested on several distributions of Linux and is available under the GPL.
Squij   By Mark Nottingham, is a Python application that analyzes Squid log files, in conjunction with squid.conf. It can tell you when your cache serves stale or fresh responses.
squint   squint generates a little report of who is spending the most time and resources browsing the internet via your squid proxy server. The top offenders in terms of data transfer, number of files transferred and on-line time are reported. squint now also generates a detailed history for each person which can be viewed with a browser.
SRG - Squid Report Generator   SRG is a fast log analyser that creates detailed output reports right down to the individual URLs visited. SRG has strong support for integration with authentication systems to allow granular access to the reports.
Stone Steps Webalizer   Supports IIS and custom Apache log formats; CSS2-based HTML reports; run-time configurable languages; native DNS support (Windows & Linux);
The Webalizer   Its a fast, free web server log file analysis program. It produces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in HTML format, for viewing with a standard web browser.
UnveilTech Squid Log file Analyzer   We offer a free service to analye Squid Log files with URL Categorization. This is an online tool using 48+ Millions categorized websites (increasing by 1+ Million per week).
W3Perl   W3Perl is a free logfile analyser.
SCALAR 500 read timeout
SCALAR (Squid Cache Advanced Log Analyzer & Reporter) produces many detailed reports, such as: Time Based Load Statistic, Extensions Report, Content Report, Object Sizes Report, Request Methods Report, Squid & HTTP Result Codes Report and Cache Hierarchy Reports - most of reports are splitted on Requests, Traffic, Timeouts and Denies statistic. SCALAR is highly customizable tool/script written on AWK - all setting can be defined inside script header. SCALAR developed by Yuri N. Fominov.
.Traf (dotTraf) 500 Cant connect to www.lukesoft.com:80 (connect:
.Traf is a simple but complete proxy server log analyzer, for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP, supporting actually squid native log file (squid-cache proxy server). .Traf can generate html reports and/or browse all entries from its GUI
Seafood 500 Cant connect to www.cache.dfn.de:80 (Bad hostn
Brought to you by the DFN-Cache and TERENA projects, Seafood collects log file statistics into a relational database (such as Postgres and Oracle).
Surftrackr 500 Cant connect to surftrackr.net:80 (Bad hostnam
Surftrackr is a log file analyser for squid and Dan's Guardian. The program allows a non-technical user to extract information about Web usage patterns, the type of information downloaded, the sites visited by users, and the amount of information (per-byte or per-file) accessed. Surftrackr runs via a web browser.
squid-graph 500 Cant connect to squid-graph.securlogic.com:80
Squid Graph is a free, simple, yet powerful Squid v2 native logfile analysis tool that generates reports with graphical representation of the proxy server's traffic. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Squid Graph runs on Unix systems with Perl version 5.6.0 or later.
S.L.A.E. (Squid Log Analyzer Express) 500 Cant connect to slae.isisfermi.it:80 (Bad host
S.L.A.E. is a platform, developed using C# and the .NET Framework 1.1 (and Mono), for analyze the Squid's log file. The project's aims are: be an OpenSource project, support for Windows and Linux (using Mono), support for rich and web client, support for SQl, MySQl and Access database, provide a rich class's sets for database's access and manage, provide OLTP and OLAP database, analyze and import "BIG" access.log file, manage multiple server and log's file
SAcc 500 Cant connect to sacc.security.perm.ru:80 (Bad
Squid log analyser & accounting system
PY_Squid_Stats 500 Cant connect to casimir.easynet.fr:80 (Bad hos
By David Ramahefason, this is a set of graphical stats tools for squid log files, written in python.
squidsites 404 Not Found
is a tool that parses Squid access log file and generates a report of the most visited sites, sorting by hit count or by bytes count. It has a GPL license.
squidtimes 404 Not Found
By Nico Tranquilli generates a report of average transfer times.
WebLog 404 Not Found
By Mark Nottingham, is a set of Python classes for parsing Web logfiles, including one for Squid.
Kraken Reports 403 Forbidden
Kraken Reports is a log analyser written in C# for the .NET platform. It allows Administrators to do analysis on what users have been doing on their systems and filter users based on key words.
Squid-Log-Analyzer 403 Forbidden
Squid-Log-Analyzer is a small Perl script that analyses Squid's access.log.
Cache+ OK
Cache+ is a squid-cache based product and SQL Based squid reporting. Technical Features: WCCP, MS Active Directory Auth, Radius Auth, Access Control List, URL brolcking, Detail Log Analyzer (with database)
ProxCube OK
Squid log file analyser with comprehensive interactive reports. Drill down on most fields - user, client IP, response codes etc. Commercial software with 30 day trial.
rotilia 404
by Mehdi Adibi. Rotilia is a web-based logfile analyzer, written in PHP.It is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).It able to calculate the total time that the cache server was busied, total size of packages and the list of sites visited by the users, also report all of these per user in any period of time.
squidclients 404
By Nico Tranquilli generates a summary of client usage (grouped by domain) from a Squid native log.

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